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Child Visitation Arrangements in GA Family Court

Macon Georgia Child Visitation Lawyer

Child visitation arrangements are legal documents that outline planning with regard to child visitation rights and routines. This court approved agreement is binding to both parents in the event of being granted divorce. In divorce cases involving children, many times court has to intervene and take decisions regarding child custody, support and visitation in best interest of child. The court can give sole custody to one parent without any visitation rights to other. But joint custody can also be awarded where in one parent has physical custody while the non custodial parent has visitation rights.


Joint custody involves legal custody as well as physical custody. Legal custody gives the parent right to make vital decisions concerning his life, like religion to be followed, health care etc. The child stays with parent who is awarded physical custody. In a ruling for joint custody of child, primary custody is given to one parent and child lives with this custodial parent. Important decisions can be taken by this parent but non custodial parent also has right to make decisions in agreement with custodial parent.


Child visitation arrangement is a powerful tool if when prepared with precision and amicably would be able to uphold interests of both parents and not be lopsided at all. For a child visitation arrangement to be prepared for benefit of child as well as convenience of parents, it should be done with fairness and sincerity. The personality development of child concerned is connected with it. Hence parents should sit down and discuss all connected issues and if needed take help from a mediator.


The child belongs to both parents and would be happiest being in contact with both. Hence arrangements can be made wherein child can live with both parents by turns or live with one during weekends. The idea is peaceful settlement and chalking out of routines so that least amount of disruption is caused to child and his life.


The child visitation arrangement has to be approved by Georgia family court and hence should be in best interest of child involved. There are many factors that cause friction between divorcing parents due to which they cannot come to mutual agreements with regard to visitation rights. Thus a case where violence and hostility is present, court intervenes and develops a child visitation agreement.

In cases where parent does not stick to court approved visitation routines, modification can be petitioned for. Where the safety and welfare of child is compromised, court takes over and implements formerly prepared routines. Sometimes court may order supervision of non custodial parent during visitation by a neutral third adult.


Child visitation arrangements passed by Georgia family court is called child visitation schedule and has to be followed by mother, father and child compulsorily.


If you are involved in a child visitation dispute or need a visitation modification, then call a skilled Macon GA visitation lawyer - family law attorney today.