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Winning Child Support in Georgia


Macon GA Child Support Attorney


Child support in Georgia is primarily based on gross income of non custodial parent. Modification of this takes both parent’s income into consideration and needs of the child is given more importance. The parents contribute a percentage of their income towards the expenses of their child.


Child Support Factors


Minor children have to be supported by both parents. Depending on the parent’s ability to pay and the financial needs of child, support is decided. If parents reach a combined and amicable decision about child support, no problems arise but in the event of dispute regarding this, certain factors come to the fore for a decision to be passed. These include important aspects of a child’s life like age of the concerned child, child’s medical needs as well as extraordinary requirements, cost of education, daycare and child minding costs, obligations to household, hidden income of parent, income of custodial parent, physical custody arrangements, contributions from parents, extreme condition of economy, parents needs which are special, cost of accident and health insurance of child and visitation travel expenses.


In Georgia child support is calculated using a Child Support Worksheet. This worksheet will generate appropriate child support program taking many factors such as spouse’s income, taxes paid, retirement contributions etc, into consideration. Once an amount is generated, it has to be checked for deviation factors applicable to situation.


Child support can be enforced if defaults occur.


The amount can be withheld from paychecks, worker’s compensation benefits etc.

Parents who owe more than $7,500 towards child support can be reported to credit bureaus.

Periodic reviews and changes can be brought about to child support orders.

Driver’s license, occupational and professional licenses can be revoked for defaulting on child support.


Federal and state income refunds can be intercepted.

Contempt of court can be filed against the non custodial parent.

Lottery winnings over $5000 can be intercepted.


Passport of non custodial parent can be denied or suspended if there is a back log of more than $5000.


Parents must support their children even if they are not married. The children should be provided a standard life until they become adults. The non custodial parent has to support the child financially since the child stays with the custodial parent and help in form of money can be required for housing, clothing and food etc. If the parents do not reach a mutual agreement regarding all these, there are Georgia child support guidelines that are available.


Winning child support in Georgia can be done following legal guidelines and modifications with professional help from Georgia divorce lawyers. The child support can continue until modifications are formalized by court order.


If you are involved in a child support case in Georgia, then contact an experienced family law attorney in Macon GA today.