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Adoptions by Relatives and Step Parents in GA


Macon GA Step Parent Adoption Lawyer

The legal adoption laws in US states that once a child is adopted, he becomes a legal stranger to his biological parents. Thus, adoptive parents are now legal guardians of child and have certain responsibilities towards him and have to support him.


Laws regulating adoption is under state jurisdiction and there are certain eligibilities to qualify for the same. In Georgia these include:


• Adult of not less than 25 years of age.
• Married couple.
• Minimum of ten years elder to child to be adopted.
• Both adoptive parents must be residents of Georgia.

Any child falling under the categories mentioned are eligible for adoption.

• Biological parents and guardians surrender child to adoption agencies or state.
• Child is directly handed over to prospective parents and mother surrenders her rights in writing.
• Child is an abandoned orphan.
• Court orders termination of rights of biological parents.
• Court finds that adoption is in best interest of child.


There are many cases where in children are adopted by relatives. In Georgia, the law enforces limitations on advertising for a child but allows network of family and friends in finding an adoptive family or a child ready for adoption. Adoption by a relative has the same termination of rights of biological parents as when child is adopted by unknown people. The laws are not different and birth parents do not enjoy any legal privileges. The only solace is that they might be allowed liberties in agreement with relative who is the adoptive parent.


Adoption by relatives is fairly common among adult adoptions. One adult adopts another and in adult adoptions, there is no requirement for biological parents to surrender their rights. Usually, these kind of adult adoptions are observed where a step child is adopted. The adopted child and adoptive parent enjoy a legal parent-child relationship.


A step parent might want to adopt the child of his spouse. The biological parent (not prospective adoptive parent’s spouse) has to surrender his rights if a minor is involved. Adoptions of this kind are encouraged only, in the absence of objections from biological parent. On successful completion of adoption process, name of child is changed.


The adoptive parents are required to file a petition for adoption in Georgia. The child to be adopted ad adoptive parents would have to make an appearance in court, before the judge and following this hearing, they would receive documents legalizing the adoption as well as a birth certificate for the child, which would have his new name and names of his new parents.


In Georgia, biological parents are given a ten day revocation period during which they can change their mind and this privilege is extended to all adoptions.


If you are considering a step parent adoption in Macon GA, then call a skilled Macon Georgia adoption lawyer today.