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Legal Separation in Georgia

Macon GA Separation Lawyer

If you are facing a separation or divorce in the Macon Georgia - Warner Robins area, or in Macon, Warner Robins, Macon-Bibb County, and Fort Valley, then call the Macon GA law offices of (Maconfirmname), an experienced divorce and family lawyer or submit a feedback form.


What is a Legal Separation


In order to show legal separation, you must show the judge that you and your spouse are no longer living together as husband and wife. This means that you are no longer having sexual relations with your spouse.


The courts in Georgia do not formally grant legal separations, but because a legal separation is the first step in obtaining a divorce, you will have to show that you are no longer living together as husband and wife.


What is a Separate Maintenance lawsuit


Many couples decide to file a separate maintenance lawsuit in lieu of a divorce lawsuit. In a separate maintenance lawsuit, all the issues normally resolved in a divorce are settled, except you and your spouse would still be married.


There are people who select a separate maintenance lawsuit because of religious reasons, or because of a specific legal issue such as the need to maintain medical insurance.


Using a separate maintenance lawsuit can assist couples in resolving complicated legal issues, but not end up divorced. Neither you nor your spouse can remarry unless you go back to court to obtain a divorce.


Working Out a Settlement Agreement


One of the easiest methods for you and your spouse to come to an agreement is to list all of your property and money and then sit down together and decide how they will be divided.


The agreement must be very specific when it comes to bank accounts, credit cards, how debts are going to be paid, etc. If you own any property either separately or together, the details of how that property will be divided should also be included in the agreement.


The details of child custody, support, visitation and how the children will be raised should be put into this agreement in very specific detail.


Once all the issues have been decided, the entire agreement should be put into writing, reviewed by you and your spouse, and signed by both of you.


There are very strict rules concerning the language where any minor children are concerned. An attorney can assist you in making sure the language in the agreement is in compliance with current laws of the state of Georgia.


Once you’ve both signed the agreement, it should be filed with the court along with a Complaint for Divorce.


Couples who can’t agree on the issues may want to consider a contested or collaborative divorce. This process is designed to resolve the issues without long, emotionally painful litigation.