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Macon GA Visitation Lawyer

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There are times when issues surrounding visitation may arise between you and the other parent. If this happens, you need to be aware of your duties, responsibilities and rights.


Visitation Defined


Visitation gives you the right to have specific, periodic custody of your child as ordered by the court. If you have legal custody of your children, the other parent can’t change or alter any long-term decisions you’ve made in regards to that child.


Supervised Visitation


If one of the parents have abused the child, or any child, the court may order supervised visitation. While the court does support the parent’s right to have contact with the child, the court wants to protect that child from any further abuse.


In a supervised visitation, a trusted friend or relative will be present during the entire visitation to watch over and protect that child’s safety and wellbeing.


Visitation Can Be Denied


If the court ordered you to pay child support and you are not paying it, the court could temporarily suspend your visitation rights until you’ve paid the child support you owe. In other words, if you’re not doing something the court ordered you to do, you could lose visitation rights with your child until you comply with the court order.


The parent who has custody of the child cannot deny you visitation rights, but they can ask the court to change the visitation agreement in some manner. If the custodial parent is denying visitation rights, you can file a petition with the court to force that parent to allow you to have visitation with your child.


If your spouse has denied you visitation rights with your child, don’t stop paying child support. This is a crime, and you could be arrested and put in jail until you pay the child support you owe.


Grandparents and Visitation Rights


Grandparents have obtained visitation rights in the courts in Georgia. In some cases, the courts have granted visitation rights to step-grandparents and grandparents even if the parents of the child were never married, or are still married.


You will have to show the court that being granted visitation rights with your grandchildren is in the best interest of the child.


Brothers and sisters can also petition the court to obtain visitation rights to see their siblings.


If you are fighting a child visitation case, then contact an experienced family law attorney in Macon GA today.