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Child Custody and Visitation in Georgia

Macon GA Custody Lawyer

The laws regulating child custody and visitation oversee the determination of legal and physical custody of child when parents are getting divorced, are separated or were never married. Legal custody gives parent right to make decisions regarding important issues regarding child while physical custody deems who child would stay with.


Child visitation and custody come under Georgia family court and is final authority on the same. The family court judge rulings on matters of child custody and visitation usually would be in best interest of child or children involved. If the judge fees that the child would be happier and better off with being in contact with both parents, joint custody is awarded. Child visitation laws gain importance in event of joint custody.


Joint custody gives one parent primary custody of child. The child lives with this custodial parent. The other non custodial parent is granted visitation rights. The non custodial parent has to pay child support towards needs and requirements of child to custodial parent under child visitation laws. Nevertheless, rights and responsibilities are distinguished in the eyes of the law.


The arrangement of child visitation routines and arrangements do not necessarily have to be determined by Georgia family court. If divorcing couple do come to agreements regarding child custody and visitation, they can draw up an agreement with the help of their legal counsels. This agreement can be submitted in court for approval. If the agreement is found to be satisfying all conditions and is drawn up in best interest of child involved, it would be upheld by court when divorce is finalized.


The process by which an agreement can be drawn up or method employed to bring divorcing couples together and come to mutually agreeable terms is called mediation. A mediator can be a third neutral person sometimes even court appointed. The terms decided on mediation has to be approved by family court.


In instances where parents cannot agree and stick to their differences, court has to intervene and determine child custody and visitation rights. The court would draw up a visitation schedule which would be binding to everyone involved including the child. The time that non custodial parent can spend with child would be clearly stated in schedule. The court considers a number of factors to decide child custody and visitation routines. These include age of child, living condition of child, relationship between child and parent, degree of cooperation between parents, preference of child etc.


There are cases where sole custody is awarded to one parent while the other is denied even visitation rights. Such rulings occur in situation where there is history of abuse or where parent was not at all involved in the life of his child during marriage. Visitation rights are in fact a privilege.


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