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Georgia Adoption Laws

Macon GA Adoption Attorney

Adoption laws in United States in under governance of state. Adoption is a legal process by which a minor (usually) is legally declared as child of adult couple or person who adopts him. Once a child is adopted biological parents cannot exercise any rights over him. They do not have any responsibilities or obligation towards the adopted child. All responsibilities are legally transferred to adopted parents who from then on are legally responsible for the child and his actions until he attains legal adulthood.


In Georgia, there are certain particulars which have to be satisfied in order to qualify to adopt a child. These include:


• Adult person of 25 years or above.
• Adult couple who are legally married.
• Prospective parents must be minimum 10 years older than child for adoption.
• Both of the prospective parents should be residents of Georgia.
• If an adult is getting adopted, then, it is enough if he is a resident of Georgia.


The most common cases of adoption deal with children and the state has various programs that sensitize prospective parents and guardians regarding needs and requirements of such children. There are state laws that regulate who can be adopted. There are certain conditions wherein adoption is recognized and allowed by state. These include:


• If biological parents or guardians willingly write off all rights and surrenders child to adoption agency or prospective adoptive parents directly.
• Child is an orphan and has been abandoned.
• Court terminates rights of biological parents and finds adoption to be in best interest of child.


Adoptions are complicated issues and consulting an experienced adoption lawyer would be a good option to tide over the legal issues connected to adoption. Due to adoption laws coming under state jurisdiction, interstate adoptions are highly complicated. There are cases where adoptive parents are residents of one state while biological mother is a resident of another or sometimes adoption agency might be located in another state. Under the circumstance, legal adoption requirements of both states have to be satisfied before the child is able to leave or enter a state. Inter state adoptions are governed by the statute, Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children.


In case of international adoptions, where children born in other countries are adopted by parents in US, re-adoptions have to be conducted in US once formalities in the child’s country is over. In Georgia, family can obtain an adoption decree or certificate from the Georgia Vital Records Office. A birth certificate is also issued from the office in Georgia.


In the state of Georgia, once an adoption is over, records are sealed and can be accessed only by a court order or through state adoption reunion registry.