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John Goodner is a highly qualified attorney that offers representation in the areas of divorce, paternity, child support modification, child custody disputes, military divorce and military family law issues, premarital agreements and adoptions. We will provide you with the experience you need with the personal service you can trust. Our firm focuses on Georgia family law, particularly with divorce and custody disputes.

Family Law Issues can be extremely arduous, but having the right Georgia divorce lawyer can make the difficult process a little easier to navigate through. Our Macon and Warner Robins family law and divorce lawyers provide compassionate and experienced representation. We understand the distress and anxiety one experiences when going through any type of family law issues and we strive to always serve you in a regardful and personal manner. We will guide you through your divorce and/or child custody proceedings while keeping you informed and helping you make the best decision possible for your family and future.


We handle cases in the Macon and Warner Robins areas in Georgia and are familiar with the local court system and judges. Whether you are dealing with an uncontested or contested divorce, child custody dispute, child visitation modification, child support modification, military divorce, or adoption, our local Macon and Warner Robins, Georgia lawyers will provide you with the support and expert representation that you need.


Macon GA Divorce Lawyers


Our Macon Georgia divorce lawyers understand, and have extensive experience in dealing with Georgia Family laws on the issues of child custody, child support, property distribution, alimony and pension rights. Our attorneys will make sure you understand the differences between an uncontested and contested divorce and any other component to the divorce process that you seek advice about. We will also advise you in a professional yet compassionate way on the best way to gain custody of your children, establish fair child support, set up mutually agreeable child visitation arrangements and address any issues with alimony. If you are facing a divorce or are already in divorce proceedings, get in touch with our lawyers to see what your options are.


Macon GA Child Custody Attorneys - Child Visitation Lawyers


The process of child custody determination is one of the most difficult parts of a divorce, for both the parents and their children.


The legal terms of custody and visitation refer to the court ordered determinations of which parent the child lives with and the circumstances under which the child will visit the other parent. In the state of Georgia, the law does not favor either parent, instead it considers the relationship of each parent with the child. While grandparents and other family members may try and seek custody, there is a probability in favor of the natural parents. Regardless of the child custody dispute end result, custody and visitation in Georgia are never considered to be final.


An unfortunate economic fact of life is that a family cannot live as efficiently and frugally divided, as it can together. Consequently, after a divorce the standard of living for the family as a whole is often compromised and the court quite often finds itself having to divide insufficient resources.


Macon GA Child Support Lawyers


There is also the issue of child support modification in order to meet changing needs of children in addition to enforcing court orders against parents who either refuse to make court ordered child support payments, or parents who are unable to as a result of circumstances beyond their control. These problems, when combined with the issue of child custody, visitation and the division of property, place a sizeable burden on the family law courts of this country.